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Ceremony Example

This ceremony if you choose, is based on your unique love story. We work with you to choose an outline and then provide options to create your perfect day. 

David, do you take Jessica as your wife, joining with her today in marriage, offering your friendship and loving care?


Do you promise to honor her growth and freedom as well as your own, to cherish and respect her, to love and embrace her in times of challenges "like Tough Mudders or 26.2 mile marathons?


Jessica, will you embrace David as your husband?  As your companion and best friend for life, will you treat him with love and devotion, honor and respect?


Will you stand by him in triumphs and tragedies of life, do you promise to take his hand when he's face down in the Rugged Manic mud pit and help him conquer the Tough Mudder 10-foot climbing wall? Jessica, will you do these things as a faithful and caring wife?

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