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Moving in together is a big step. Are you ready? (Part 1 of 4)

Moving in together can be an exciting and rewarding experience, but it’s not without its challenges. If you’re thinking about moving in with your partner, this article will help you navigate the ups and downs of living with someone else for the first time.

Living with a roommate is totally different from living with a partner. You both have your own rooms that you can retreat into if you’re looking for alone time. This is not so easy when you your room is also your partners room.

If your roommate doesn’t care that their dirty clothes are on the bedroom floor with the clean, all they have to do is close the door, so you don’t have to see it.

Are you ready to find out your partner doesn’t like it when you throw your clothes on the floor after you get home from work or gym? Are you ready to listen to your partner sing out of tone will you’re trying to talk with your parents on the phone?

These are things both of you should talk about before moving in together.

I’m going to give you 12 important things to talk about with your partner.

1) Are you moving in for the right reason?

Many couples move in together within six months of dating. The realize that they enjoy each other’s company so much that having two separate homes doesn’t make since.

Maybe you spend more nights at your partners home then your own. Wouldn’t it make since that you move in together and cut the rent in half. As logical as this may sound, these are not good reasons for moving in together. When asking this question, be honest with yourself.

2) NO Roommates! –

Having a third person living with you and your partner is not recommended. This will only bring problems later when the honeymoon stage is over. Don’t put yourself or your partner in a situation where flirting (harmless or not) from the roommate starts conflicts in your relationship.

3) Is this move long term or just for a good time?

Are you both on the same page as to why you want to cohabitate? Are you looking to have a fun time until the sizzle drizzles while your partner is thinking this could lead to marriage? If you’re on the same page about marriage down the road, what kind of marriage? Monogamous, open, swingers? Don’t assume you know what your partner wants, now is the time to find that out not later.

4) Finances

Whose name will be on the lease? How will the bills be divided? Will one pay the rent while while the other pays the utilities. Will you open a joint account for bills and travel?

Will one of you pay more because one makes more than the other?

Start with this and let me know if it helped you and your partner. I would like to get your feedback. If you are already living together, did you use any of these ideas before moving in together?

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