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Over the years, I've been blessed to bring couples together in marriage, and I'm often asked to give some advice.

I say, "know who you're marrying; how much time have you spent together talking about your partner's beliefs, handing of money, or the number of children they may or may not want?" The answer is usually the same, little to none.

One of the biggest mistakes couples make is moving in together while still at the high points of getting to know one another. You're thinking, "dating is going great, and we love to be with each other all the time. We never argue. We're meant for each other!"

Many times, moving in together is based on these things within two to three months of dating! Even when you stay overnight, you notice that your partner is very clean, dishes are never left out, and the bed is always made. Everything you want in a partner!

I call this the want to empress stage. While dating, we all do it; it's essential to look good for the one you want to keep coming back. Come on! If we're honest with each other, then ladies tell me how many times you went on a date without putting on makeup? If you see yourself as average, then the makeup makes you feel pretty; if you see yourself as stunning, you feel beautiful.

I hear you guys out there, "you tell them, Mark!

Well, now it's the guy's turn!

How many of you insisted on meeting at a restaurant rather than picking up your date because you didn't want them to know you don't have a car or lost your license for driving drunk? How about wearing a cap, making up excuses for not taking it off, afraid they will look in horror at your receding hairline? I think we all get the point; we put on a show for as long as it takes to reel the other one in.

I would like you to take this next week and think back on how you and your partner acted toward each other while dating. Let me know in the commits below.

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